All students in Grades 7-12 will need the following before being issued their computer. EACH student needs a form!

1. Acceptable Use (signed by parent/guardian and student)

2. Tablet Computer Agreement (signed by parent/guardian and student)

3. $25 per student or $50 maximum per family

(Tablet Computer Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy forms were sent home in packet. They can also be found on this website: click on the plus sign, documents, handbooks, computer documents)  

Returning Students in grades 10-12: Computer may be picked up from 1 to 4  pm in the tech office, HS Room 17, or 6-7 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room on Thursday, August 18. Parent/guardian not required to come but student must bring the above three items.

Students in Grades 7-9 and students grades 10-12 new to the Newell School District: Laptop meeting in Multi-Purpose Room from 7-8 pm on Thursday, August 18. Parent/guardian must accompany student.The above forms will be needed and extras will be available at the meeting. Grades 9-12 may take computer home after meeting requirements. Grades 7-8 will get theirs the first day of school and may take them home if the parent/guardian has initialed the appropriate line at the bottom of the Tablet Computer Agreement.