Tot ‘N Twenty CFEL Club (TNT)
Butte County Community, Family, Extension Leaders
$300 Scholarship Application
NAME: ____________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________
CITY: _______________________________ STATE: ________ ZIP: _____________
GPA__________________ CLASS RANK _______ (Please attach verification from school office)
University, College or school you plan to attend: ___________________________
Please answer the following questions. You can type right into this word
document and the save it as a PDF and return no later than May 1, 2020 for
mailings and emails.
Scholarship scoring criteria is listed below.
• This scholarship will provide $300 toward tuition and/or fees for the first
semester of a formal instruction in any accredited university, college, or
vocational/technical school.
• Eligibility is limited to a Newell High School graduating senior.
• The selection committee is composed of TNT Club members.
• If the winner does not go onto further schooling, a runner-up will be
awarded the scholarship.
• Scholarship recipient will be announced by Tot ‘N Twenty CFEL in May.
Thank you and Good Luck!
1. State how you have been involved in community service or how you would
like to be: (List your community service activities and the extent of your involvement)
2. List your school activities and the extent of your involvement:
3. State your interests and your future goals: