Two dual credit scholarships for high school juniors and seniors in South Dakota, including one for low-income students.

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Two new dual credit scholarships created for South Dakota high school students

Two dual credit scholarships have been created for high school juniors and seniors in South Dakota, including one for low-income students.


The Jackrabbit Access College Early Scholarship will be available to qualified high school juniors and seniors from low-income families. The Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship will provide financial assistance to all students who enroll at SDSU following high school after earning dual credits from SDSU.


“These scholarships represent the fundamental mission of South Dakota State University by providing access to the educational benefits of higher education for the citizens of South Dakota,” said SDSU president Barry Dunn. “We want the young people in the state to have the opportunity to explore all options for postsecondary education. These scholarships will open more doors to participate in higher education. More importantly, getting these students to see early on in high school that they can be successful in college helps them make informed decisions about their exciting futures.”


The Jackrabbit ACE Scholarship will begin this fall. High school juniors and seniors who qualify for the Jackrabbit ACE Scholarship will receive a scholarship that funds one dual credit course (up to five credits) each semester of their junior and senior year of high school and the summer between their junior and senior year.


If a student is eligible for the Jackrabbit ACE Scholarship, they can choose to pay for additional dual credit courses and would also be eligible for the Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship, if they enroll at SDSU as a college freshman. Credits earned through the Jackrabbit ACE Scholarship are eligible to transfer to other institutions.


The Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship starts fall 2021 and will be available for any student who enrolls as a full-time, first-time freshman at SDSU and also earned dual credits from SDSU. The one-year scholarship will be awarded based on the number of SDSU dual credits earned.


The Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship does not replace the Jackrabbit Guarantee Scholarship or other awards. This scholarship would be in addition to other scholarships earned through academic achievement to attend SDSU.

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