Build Dakota Scholarship

This is an excellent scholarship opportunity!  There are many occupations in the state of South Dakota where there is a shortage of people.  In order to try to fill this shortage, the state of South Dakota is offering free tuition to students who are accepted into the eligible programs.  If students apply and are chosen as one of the recipients of the Build Dakota Scholarship, they must agree to work in the state of South Dakota for three years following completion of the program. Students must also maintain a gpa of 2.5 or higher while enrolled in the program and must complete the program as a full-time student.  With the cost of education, this is a fantastic opportunity! Check out the eligible programs at  

Applications are accepted January 1 thru April 15, 2020

To apply students need to do the following:

  1.  Apply to the institution that offers one of the eligible programs
  2.  Complete the FAFSA (see your counselor if you have questions on how to do this or if you need assistance)
  3.  Have your high school transcript sent to the institution.


  • Take the National Career Readiness Certification test (CHS Students contact your school counselor for results so that you can include them on the application.)
  • Take dual credit classes and pass them with flying colors.
  • Provide reference letters.
  • Answer ALL of the questions on the application, some of the questions are listed as optional - answer them anyway!
  • Make sure your personal statement reflects your educational goals and why you would be an excellent recipient of the Dakota Build Scholarship. 
  • Have someone proofread the application before submitting!