Newell Student of the Month


High School: Shaley Dirk

Middle School: Joe Eaton

Elementary 3-5: James Gatzke

Elementary Pre-K- 2: McCoy Mangis

"Shaley is an exceptional student. She is intelligent, diligent, and hardworking. Her varied interests extend beyond schoolwork to include animal husbandry. Shaley is quiet and good-natured. She serves as a valuable role model for other students."

"McCoy Mangis is an excellent example of what Newell PRIDE should look like. He works hard every day, giving 100% of his effort to everything he does. He is kind to all his peers and respectful to staff. He is willing to pitch in and help anyone! McCoy is an outstanding student!"

"James is one of those kids that everyone is drawn to. He is kind, fun, and caring. He is always willing to do what is asked of him. He is a little goof! He wants to make people laugh and make them happy. He is always respectful towards adults and his peers. You can count on him to be responsible, honest, and have integrity. I have never seen him upset another student. He is compassionate towards others and their feelings. James is a joy to work with and have in the classroom."

"It is with great pleasure to announce our first very deserving student of the month recipient, 6th grader, Joe Eaton. It is a pleasure teaching Joe each day for he is a respectful and responsible young man who consistently perseveres. He asks questions, learns, and works diligently every day. He is earnestly inquisitive with a positive mental attitude. Superintendent Fergen’s two goals/priorities for students this year were to be kind and to persevere and Joe does so daily in his words and actions. Congratulations Joseph!"