To Parents/Guardians:


Parent-Teacher Conferences are once again upon us and I would like to take this time to encourage each of you to come and visit with your child’s teacher(s).  Conferences present a wonderful opportunity for teachers, parents, and, in some cases—students—to sit down together to discuss academic and social progress.  This is a chance for participants to ask questions, share relevant information, calibrate expectations, celebrate accomplishments, and set short and long-term goals. Thank you in advance for arriving at your student’s conference at the scheduled times. You may want to bring a shortlist of questions you intend to ask in order to use the limited time efficiently and to avoid forgetting what was on your mind prior to the meeting.

Parent Teachers conference will be held on March 23rd and March 25th from 4:00-7:00. To help eliminate the number of parents waiting in line, we will conduct conferences in the following fashion.

Tuesday, March 23rd                                    Thursday, March 25th

4:00 - 4:57 Student last name A – J                4:00 – 4:57 Student last name R- Z

5:02 - 5:58 Student last name K – Q              5:02 – 5:58 Student last name K-Q

6:03 - 7:00 Student last name R- Z                 6:03 – 7:00 Student last name A – J


Pre-K through 5th-grade teachers will be conducting conferences in the Middle School Gym.  Grades 6-8th grade in their rooms and all High School teachers will be in the Austin Auditorium.  Pre-K through 5th grade will not be scheduling conferences, you can attend at the above scheduled times.  You will also have the option of visiting with the teacher via phone call or email.


During conferences, there will be a book fair in the Multi-purpose room.  A portion of the money raised from the sales will go back to our own school library. There will also be a walking taco fundraiser supper provided by the sophomore class on both days.  Please plan to attend and support the students of our district.


Irrigator Pride,




Mr. Schoenfish

PreK-12 Principal/AD

Newell School