TARTUFFE--FALL PLAY. click here for photos.

Tartuffe is a classic French comedy about a wealthy family in France. Tartuff is the main character who pretends to be an honest person, but in truth Tartuffe is a total fraud. Tartuffe has moved into Organ and Elmire’s house at Orgon’s invitation. Orgon likes Tartuffe and believes that he is really is an honorable person but his wife Elmire and the rest of the family see right through him.

During the play Orgon even promises his daughter, Mariane in marriage to Tartuffe. However, Mariane is engaged to Valare and Orgon’s announcement sets the household in an uproar.

Finally, Tartuffe reveals his true character at the end and Orgon finally recognized Tartuffe as the hypocrite he really is.

The author’s name is Moliere. (pronounced mole-yair). 


One Act Play had a great day at Regional Competition in Pierre. Jennifer Albright received a best actress award. Will Timm, Kai Banks, Abbie Nelson received Honorable Mention Awards.

Members:Abigail Nelson,  Jennifer Albright,  Melissa Rowley, 

Kai Banks,  Ben Parrow,  Kaeden Nohave,

Annie Miller,  Will Timm, Evan Gray, Elizabeth Packard