Donald Quimby Scholarship
Meg English
Monday, March 11, 2019

Donald H. Quimby Memorial Scholarship
Due: Monday, April 1st 2019
This scholarship provides a one-time $350 award to a worthy South Dakota high school graduate
attending a post-secondary institution. The completed application is due on or before April 1st
and must be submitted to this mailing address:
Margaret Quimby
108 W Mountain Ash St.
Brandon, SD 57005
Donald Quimby spent his professional life in service to others as a teacher, coach, and
administrator. He believed that everyone should have the same opportunity at a higher education,
regardless of GPA.
Applicants for this scholarship award must meet the following minimum criteria:
 Graduate from a South Dakota high school;
 Submit a 300 to 500-word essay detailing your personal story, interests and educational
 Please attach your essay and a copy of your high school transcript to this application
before submitting it;
 Provide a copy of the acceptance letter to the post-secondary institution.
(Please note: Preference may be given to a student from Hecla, Frederick, Gettysburg,
Plankinton and Parkston high schools.)
Applicant’s Name: ______________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________
High School Attended: ___________________________________________________________
Intended Major/Program of Study: _________________________________________________
Intended Post-secondary School: ___________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian’s Name: _________________________________________________________
I declare and affirm that this application has been made in good faith and is to the best of my
knowledge correct.
Signature of Applicant: _______________________________________Date:_______________
**If selected, scholarship will be sent to your high school**